Here is a man's point of view about what every woman Need to know in order to keep her relationship stable and satisfying:

* Do take the initiative instead of expecting him to always be the aggressor.

* DO loosen up your inhibitions.

* DO think of dating as fun without weighing it down with overly heavy emotional complications.

* DO let him withdraw once in awhile; understand his need to be alone, to take things slowly, or to have a night out with the  guys.

* DO accept him without judgment.

* DON'T expect him to profess his love for you so soon.

* DON'T push him into a commitment or an exclusive relationship.

* DON'T snoop.

* DON'T nag him into talking about his feelings.

* DON'T take everything personally.

* DON'T compare him to other lovers (unless it's to tell him he's the best).

* DON'T badmouth him to your girlfriends

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